Using Cold Calling to Generate Leads

cold callingCold calling might seem like an old-fashioned lead generation tactic, but if you approach it properly, it can generate tremendous performance. This is especially true if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) organization with a limited number of potential customers.

Cold calling adheres to many of the same basic principles used in other lead generation tactics. You start by defining your target audience through their demographic and behavioral attributes, and then follow up by purchasing a contact list that aligns with those attributes. Unlike direct mail or email marketing, you must purchase a cold calling contact list.

Once you define your target audience, and locate a high quality contact list, you can begin to create your script. Think of your script like a display ad, or email marketing message – its purpose is to sell potential customers on your products or services. A well-developed script grabs attention and communicates your offer to the target audience quickly and efficiently.

With your script and list in order, you can go ahead and execute the campaign. Some organizations use their staff to do the actual cold calling, and others outsource the work to a third party. Oftentimes, outsourcing is significantly cheaper than doing the work in-house. Ultimately, though, the choice is up to you. While the campaign executes, you should always test to make sure you’re seeing the return on investment you want from your efforts.

Cold calling has taken on a certain amount of new life through an integration with digital marketing. For example, the cold caller can give URLs on the phone that link the potential lead to product information pages or offer-specific landing pages. If the potential lead seems receptive to the offer, the cold caller can also transfer the call over to a sales person who will guide that lead further along the buying process.

As with every other lead generation tactic, it’s always important to step back and analyze your campaign to see if it is worth the time and financial investment. Cold calling does have its shortcomings, but with the right strategy and execution, it can deliver fantastic results.

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