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The New Rules of Lead Generation Marketing

Lead-generation marketing is the backbone of your company’s marketing efforts, the unseen force enabling you to bring in prospective customers and convert them into actual sales. Yet lead-generation is one of the least understood forms of marketing, with most marketing managers and executives forced to learn it on the job as they go.

Is your company only using one lead-generation tactic at a time? Is your current program sufficiently adapting to keep up with the latest methods? Are you still using the same techniques that served your organization well in the past…but may not be the most effective actions for your present needs?

Lead generation marketing is constantly changing…and many of the old rules just don’t apply anymore. Taking an in-depth, strategic look at the seven most-successful lead-generation approaches that companies are using today — including e-mail, direct mail, and search engine marketing; banner and social media advertising; cold calling; and trade shows — The New Rules of Lead Generation reveals how to synchronize the different lead generation methods into a cohesive program designed to efficiently, cost-effectively maximize results for your organization.


  • Define the types of leads your company is seeking, and what kind of action you want potential customers to take
  • Set specific goals for your lead-generation campaign
  • Apply a basic five-step process to each of the seven most successful lead-generation tactics
  • Understand and measure the overall costs of your lead-generation efforts
  • Try out new approaches on a limited budget
  • Test your lead-generation results to determine the success of your efforts

If you’re like many marketing managers, your knowledge of lead-generation marketing may be limited to the techniques you regularly use. Packed with indispensabletools for analyzing your efforts, The New Rules of Lead Generation examines both tried-and-true and emerging digital lead generation channels. The book considers the rapid evolution of lead generation marketing, and introduces you to the concepts and philosophies that will always work, regardless of the latest gambits and shifting possibilities.
Whether your company is in the initial stages of developing a lead-generation strategy, or your present line of attack is falling short, this essential, ‘big picture’ book provides you with solid, state of the art guidance for obtaining a higher, more consistent level of quality leads…and contributing to your company’s continued growth.

The New Rules of Lead Generation By David T. Scott

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